DAY & FABER master drawings


DAY & FABER master drawings

    Johan Christian Dahl (Bergen 1788 - Dresden 1857)

    Head of a wild boar


    dated: d. 12 Marz 1822 (lower right)
    oil on paper laid down on board
    262 x 381 mm


    Caroline Bull (née Dahl; the artist's daughter)
    Caroline married Anders Ørsted Sandøe Bull, an army officer, in Christiania 1847
    Chief Justice G. J. Bull (son of the above)
    General Siegwald Bull;
    thence by descent to the present owner, great-great-grandson of the artist


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    Dahl made this sketch in Dresden, where he had lived since 1811, after his return from Italy where he had travelled between June 1820 and April 1821. His time there was a decisive factor in his artistic development. It was in Italy, with its strong southern light, that Dahl's art truly flowered. It forced him to examine nature and paint it how he saw it, undiluted by the influences of the old masters. The spontaneity of this idiosyncratic oil sketch, which up until last year had been passed down in the family of the artist, shows this new spirit in his approach to painting.

    Head of a wild boar