DAY & FABER master drawings


DAY & FABER master drawings


  • A Seated Nude

    Bartolomeo Passarotti
  • Kathleen Newton

    James Jacques Joseph Tissot
  • An ambush beside a wood

    Sebastiaen Vrancx
  • Sixteen Silhouettes of Plants

    Alice Lingner-Kerling
  • Capriccio with a bridge leading up to the Casina Farnese

    Jan Worst
  • Saint Peter appearing to Saints Lucy and Agatha

    Giuseppe Cades
  • Moby Dick

    Georges Bru
  • Rocket in a Hangar

    Paul Mantes
  • Submarine in a Naval Base

    Paul Mantes
  • La Vielle Ferme

    François Boucher
  • Fishermen on a river, possibly the Arno, Florence

    Giovanni Battista Naldini
  • The healing of the blind man of Bethsaida (recto); Landscape with a huntsman and a dog (verso)

    Hermann Weyer
  • St. Peter freed from Prison by an Angel

    Jan Boeckhorst
  • Figure study for ‘The Adoration of the Shepherds’

    Gaspar de Crayer
  • Sea Battle between Dutch and Portuguese Fleet off the coast of Goa in 1638

    Johannes Vingboons
  • Le chat sauvage

    Edouard Mérite
  • Self-portrait

    Einar Nerman
  • Portrait of a boy

    Johan Didrik Frisch
  • Benjamin Franklin and the kite experiment

    Hans Tegner
  • Battle Scene

    Neapolitan School, early 18th century
  • Ovädret (The Storm)

    Karl Nordström
  • Landscape with troops passing under a bridge

    Robert van den Hoecke
  • Cyperus dives

    Pierre Jean François Turpin
  • Studio window

    John McClusky
  • Technical sketch with perspective lines

    Ebba Maria Bring
  • Mascaron

    François Boucher
  • Three Studies of Ibises

    Thomas Coester
  • Study of Clouds

    George Richmond
  • Seated Ecclesiastic, Raising his Left Hand (recto), A Monk Seated on a Block (verso)

    il Guercino
  • Study of Two Seated Men

    Jacques Gamelin
  • View of the Pons Cestius on the Tiber (recto), Rocky Grotto with Ruins (verso)

    Hendrick III Van Cleve
  • Head of a Bearded Man in Ecstasy (Possibly a Saint)

    Francisco de Herrera the Elder
  • A Three-Masted Dutch Ship at Anchor

    Dutch School
  • Plans for Renaissance City Fortifications

    North Italian School (16th Century)
  • The printmaker inking a plate

    Gerard Ludwig Lahde
  • Portrait of a man (Arrigo Levasti?), 1906

    Giovanni Costetti
  • Portrait of a Bearded Man in a Hat

    Fritz Koppmann
  • Jupiter and Antiope, Satyr and the Sleeping Nymph

    Andreas Schuch
  • Golfspieler

    Horst Janssen
  • The Hermit or Brother Luce

    François Boucher
  • Head of Diana

    Bartolomeo Passarotti
  • Mother and Child

    Bartolomeo Passarotti
  • Mountain of the Moon

    Austin Osman Spare
  • Mont Blanc from Courmayeur

    Henry Bright
  • Saint Francis

    Jean-Jacques de Boissieu
  • Two Studies of Hands

    Franz von Stuck
  • Fox

    Ludwig Hohlwein
  • One of the artist’s children playing soldiers or The Little Soldier

    Louis-Léopold Boilly
  • Staircase and balustrade: the passage from the large parterre of the Faisanderie to the upper terrace, Prince de Guise’s château at Arcueil

    Jean-Baptiste Oudry
  • Workmen before an Inn

    Isack van Ostade
  • The Miner

    Constantin Meunier
  • A Highland Bothy, study for ‘The Drover’s Departure’, 1835

    Sir Edwin Henry Landseer
  • A Pear Tree Drawn from Nature in Columbia, South Carolina, 1865

    A. Grinevato
  • Portrait of a Man, possibly a self-portrait

    Cornelis Saftleven
  • Frederica Lucy Cockerell

    Sir Frederic Leighton
  • Man in a hat

    Pierre Doustens
  • Study of Pine Trees

    Thomas Fearnley
  • Portrait of Antonio Scontrino (recto), sketch of an old man (verso)

    Giovanni Costetti
  • Juno commanding Aeolus to release the storm winds

    François Boucher
  • Jørgen Brunchorst

    Christian Krohg
  • Portrait of a bearded man at a table, considering a female portrait

    il Guercino
  • Primeval Forest

    Max Pfeiffer-Quandt
  • Portrait of the artist's wife Adriana, study for St. Sebastian, study of a sleeping dog

    Jacopo Negretti called Palma il Giovane
  • Fantastical animal, probably a Leucrota

    Venetian School
  • Gathering storm

    Walther Gasch
  • Palermo and Monte Pellegrino, 1833

    Thomas Fearnley
  • Arco Naturale, Capri

    Thomas Fearnley
  • View from Procida to Ischia and Mount Epomeo

    Thomas Fearnley
  • Fishermen at Sorrento

    Thomas Fearnley
  • At Carrara, 1835

    Thomas Fearnley
  • Near Meiringen, 1835

    Thomas Fearnley
  • The Wetterhorn, 1835

    Thomas Fearnley
  • Valley of Lauterbrunnen, 1835

    Thomas Fearnley
  • A boatyard on Gravensfjord, 1839

    Thomas Fearnley
  • From Berner Oberland, figures on a forest path

    Thomas Fearnley
  • Tratta di schiavi (the slave trade)

    Filippo Napoletano
  • Bears and a Monkey in a landscape

    Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo
  • A man studying a map

    Maurice Langaskens
  • The Great Whirlpool

    Edward Burne-Jones
  • Mirk Striders

    Edward Burne-Jones
  • The lighthouse at Alexandria after the bombardment of 1882

    Girolamo Gianni
  • Studies of polyhedra

    German School, 1831
  • Studies of dogs, foxes and wolves, (verso) study of Roman soldiers asleep while guarding the tomb of Jesus

    Attributed to Paul de Vos
  • Mothers mourning their children, study for for the "Massacre of the Innocents"

    François Boucher
  • The Entombment

    Flemish School
  • Riparian landscape with wildfowl and a frog

    Pieter Jansz. Van Ruyven
  • ‘1916’ - Combat between British and German fighters

    William Earl Johns
  • Close work (48 Sqdn) Bristol fighters and Fokker ‘Tripes’

    William Earl Johns
  • Good shooting sir

    William Earl Johns
  • Portrait of a man, possibly a self-portrait

    French School
  • Le Marché d’Esclaves or La Petite vue de Paris

    Israel Silvestre
  • study of a monkey

    Sirio Tofanari
  • study of a hare

    Bohemian School
  • Plum branch with Red Admiral: "Passing-Kiss"

    Anna Airy
  • Bavarian Landscape with an artist at work

    Thomas Fearnley
  • Antelope

    George Garrard, A.R.A
  • The Virgin and St Joseph with St Antony of Padua seated in the heavens interceding for the souls in Purgatory (recto and verso)

    Pietro Antonio de Pietri
  • Landscape with a Waterfall

    Roelant Roghman
  • le lever des ouvrières en linge

    Jean-François Bosio
  • waterwheel and carpentry tools studies for the "Shadow of Death" (1870 – 73)

    William Holman Hunt
  • portrait of Ralph Stackpole

    Diego Rivera
  • Portrait of the artist Maurice Eliot (1862 – 1945)

    Charles Lucien Léandre
  • racing driver - poster design for tungsram

    Hungarian School
  • Olive groves on the road to Tivoli

    Fritz Petzholdt
  • Studies of Alpine plants

    Thomas Fearnley
  • Studies of rocks and thistles

    Thomas Fearnley
  • Goose face on

    Thomas Fearnley
  • Troyes, ruelle des Chats, 1915

    Albert Raty
  • A landscape with a monumental tree and an amorous couple

    Gillis Neyts
  • astrologer with an astrolabe and compass

    il Guercino
  • Hercules and the Stymphalian bird [recto] Hercules and the Oxen of Geryon [verso]

    Baldassare Peruzzi
  • Hercules wrestles with Antaeus [recto] Hercules and the Erymanthian boar [verso]

    Baldassare Peruzzi
  • Lion déchirant le corps d’un Arabe

    Ferdinand-Victor-Eugène Delacroix
  • The unicorn purifies a spring with its horn

    Prague School
  • St Paul in the Areopagus of Athens

    Giuseppe Maria Rolli
  • Portrait of Joseph Jean-Baptiste Fleuriau d’Armenonville (1661-1728) Conseiller d’Etat

    Hyacinthe Rigaud
  • head of a praying boy

    Flemish School
  • Portrait of a Man

    Sir Peter Lely
  • study of a tree

    Baccio della Porta, Fra Bartolommeo
  • Headstudies: a self portrait (?), Guiseppe de Ceclia Gasparo Fondra and below the artist’s wife Andriana

    Jacopo Negretti called Palma il Giovane
  • a half-length study of a male nude

    Giovanni Battista Tiepolo
  • Schloss Hermannstein, near Wetzlar Three figure studies (verso)

    Jan Brueghel the Younger
  • A young artist, perhaps a self portrait, sketching the Temple of Vesta, Tivoli

    Pier Francesco Mola
  • Tête d’expression

    Pierre Paul Prud'hon
  • Head of a bearded man in profile to the right

    Peter Paul Rubens
  • Four beggars around a stone bench

    Harmensz. van Rijn Rembrandt
  • Standing man with a cane

    Jan Lievens
  • Landscape towards Mount Parnassus

    Claude Gellée called Le Lorrain
  • young man seated, his right leg and hand raised

    Antoine Watteau
  • Jeune fille vue en buste, légèrement tournée vers la gauche

    Antoine Watteau
  • A young man pouring a glass of wine

    François Le Moyne
  • Charlotta Sparre, aged twenty-one, holding a cup of coffee

    François Boucher
  • Study of a standing man, an actor in Les Fâcheux by Molière

    François Boucher
  • Two studies of girl’s heads, seen from behind

    François Boucher
  • studies of five girl’s heads and profiles

    François Boucher
  • Study of a warship's prow with British warships and Naples harbour beyond

    Claude Joseph Vernet
  • Study of a tree

    Hubert Robert
  • Head of a girl

    Jean Baptiste Greuze
  • A Mother and Child by the Sea

    Johan Christian Dahl
  • Study for "Mother and Child by the Sea”, 1830

    Johan Christian Dahl
  • Sawmill near Strand in Valdres

    Johan Christian Dahl
  • Head of a wild boar

    Johan Christian Dahl
  • Seascape With Sailing Boats On The Horizon, (Brighton, 1824)

    John Constable
  • Route de Sinai

    Jean-Léon Gérôme
  • Fishermen landing their catch off Capri

    Christian Frederick Ferdinand Thøming
  • Isidore Dagnan (1794 – 1873) at his easel

    Edmé-Adolphe Fontaine
  • Swift’s Cottage, Cookham c. 1907

    Sir Stanley Spencer
  • Portrait of a man

    Maurice de Becque
  • Joseph Haydn's dream while composing The Creation

    Sigmund Walter Hampel
  • Study of two women from the Antilles

    Jean Bouchaud
  • The Vision of the New Jerusalem

    Augsburg School
  • The Dragon and the False Prophets

    Augsburg School
  • An Angel chains the dragon

    Augsburg School
  • The Fall of Babylon

    Augsburg School