DAY & FABER master drawings


DAY & FABER master drawings


  • Kathleen Newton

    James Jacques Joseph Tissot
  • A stooping monk lifting a pillar

    Master Artemio
  • Pyramus and Thisbe

    Hans Ulrich Frank
  • Capriccio with a bridge leading up to the Casina Farnese

    Jan Worst
  • Rocky Landscape with a River

    Guilliam du Gardijn
  • Portrait of an English Lady in a Hat

    Northern School, early 17th century
  • Holy family with the Virgin gazing at the sleeping child

    Sébastien Bourdon
  • Design for an Allegory of the Earth: Cybele accompanied by the Four Seasons

    Giovanni Battista Cipriani
  • The circumcision of Ishmael and the house of Abraham: Genesis 17:23

    Gerard Hoet
  • Study of a Tree

    Adrian Zingg
  • Standing male model leaning against a wall

    Eugène Jansson
  • Lohengrin

    Henry de Groux
  • Siegfried with Mime and the death of Fafner the dragon

    Emil Pirchan
  • Vorspiel: Prologue

    Franz Stassen
  • Walhall: Fafner builds the walls of Asgard

    Franz Stassen
  • Hagan killing Siegfried

    Franz Stassen
  • The Death of Siegfried

    Franz Stassen
  • Siegfrieds Leiche: The Funeral of Siegfried

    Franz Stassen
  • Brünnhilde takes the Ring from the dead Siegfried

    Franz Stassen
  • Captivity portrait of a Belgian prisoner at Parchim

    L. Jinard
  • Paco the master carpenter

    Francisco Domingo y Marqués
  • Self-Portrait

    Pablo Bronstein
  • Self-Portrait

    Pablo Bronstein