DAY & FABER master drawings


DAY & FABER master drawings

    Master Artemio (active in 1491 - )

    A stooping monk lifting a pillar


    inscribed centre top by Antonio II Badile: de mo. Artemio
    pen and brown ink
    165 x 160 mm


    Antonio II Badile (1424/25- 1507/12), Verona, by descent to
    Antonio III Badile (1518-1560), Verona
    Count Ludovico Moscardo (1611-1681), Verona, by descent to
    Moscardo Miniscalchi Collection, Verona, by descent to
    Count Mario Miniscalchi-Erizzo (1881-1957), Verona
    with Francis Matthiesen, London
    Francis Matthiesen, his sale Sotheby’s, London, 21 October 1963, lot 81
    with Schaeffer Galleries, New York
    Cornelia Bessie, New York


    Old Master Drawings, 1963, no. 42, pl. XIX, as Bernardo Parentino
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    This drawing comes from the so-called Antonio II Badile Album, one of the earliest documented collections of drawings in Renaissance Italy.  Assembled around 1500 by the Veronese painter Antonio II Badile, the volume included ninety-nine drawings by different northern Italian artists.  The album was broken up in the early 1950s and the drawings were sold individually.  A large number bear handwritten 16th-century inscriptions with attributions.  Among the names of the artists mentioned are Andrea Mantegna and Stefano da Verona, but also more obscure ones such as ‘Maestro Artemio’.  The present drawing, together with eight other sheets, is attributed to Artemio, a little-known painter who is documented in Verona in the summer of 1491 when he received the prestigious commission for the decoration of the Miniscalchi chapel in the important church of Sant’Anastasia.  The project for the decoration was paid for but the commission was never realized, so the artist’s only known works are the nine surviving drawings from the Badile Album.  All of the sheets are executed in pen and ink and represent eccentric figures such as the monk portrayed here.  Two can be found in the collections of the Fondation Custodia and the Staatliche Graphische Sammlung.

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    A stooping monk lifting a pillar