DAY & FABER master drawings


DAY & FABER master drawings

    Nils Kreuger (Kalmar 1858 - Stockholm 1930)

    View of Snärjebäcken, Knapegård in moonlight


    signed and dated: NKreuger1895
    black, white, blue and red chalk on grey paper
    310 x 475 mm


    With Fritzes Hovbokhandel, Stockholm, 1946
    Dr. Emgård, Landskrona
    Bibbi och Tage Forsberg (1920-2011), Malmö


    K. Boström, Nils Kreuger, 1948, p. 246 under ”Teckningar” (Drawings)
    Konstnytt. Meddelande från Fritzes Kungl. Hovbokhandel, Konstavdelningen, Nr. 13-14, 1946, illustration No. 8


    Snärjebäcken (The Snärje Stream) is a stream in the province of Småland. It has its origin between Alsterbro and Bäckebo and flows into the bay of Kalmar at Rockneby by the Baltic Sea. The name Snärje derives from snara - in English snare - a reference to an old fishing method. It flows through the grounds of Knapegård, a manor house situated in the parish of Ryssby outside Rockneby, which belonged to Count Odert Gabriel von Essen (1854-1915), Kreuger’s brother-in-law.

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    View of Snärjebäcken, Knapegård in moonlight