DAY & FABER master drawings


DAY & FABER master drawings

    Einar Nerman (Norrköping 1888 - Lidingö 1983)



    signed in three places: Einar Nerman 09 (lower left); EINAR NERMAN 1909 (middle right); NERMAN (on the extended piece of paper at top) 
    charcoal and coloured chalk on paper extended by the artist at the top
    331 x 241 mm


    Stockholm, Konstakademien, Einar Nerman. Retrospektiv utställning, december 1937, under 1909, no. 28 ”Självporträtt. Kolteckning” (Selportrait. Charcoal)


    1909, when this self-portrait was drawn, marks the year when modernism in art had its breakthrough in Sweden. This year, the group ”Den Unga” (The Young), exhibited in Stockholm for the first time, an exhibition that generally is considered the starting point for modernism in Sweden. The group was founded in 1907. Apart from Nerman it comprised of Isaac Grünewald, Einar Jolin, Gösta Sandels, Arthur Percy, Wilhelm Nordling, Carl Ryd, Leander Engström, Birger Simonsson and Anna Sahlström, all students at the Art Association School (Konstnärsförbundet). When the school closed in 1908, several of the students had moved to Paris including Nerman, where they were exposed to French modernism. Following the exhibition, the group changed their name to ”1909-års män” (The Men of 1909).

    This self-portrait was either drawn in Paris or Stockholm. Initially Nerman had cropped the composition at the top, but at a later stage decided to extend the composition at the top by adding a strip of paper, which he signed but did not date.

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