DAY & FABER master drawings


DAY & FABER master drawings

    Oskar Bergman (Stockholm 1879 - Saltsjöbaden 1963)

    Pinetrees before Birches


    signed and dated: Oskar Bergman 1908
    watercolour, gouache and gold on paper, original gilt mount
    145 x 108 mm; mount 208 x 165 mm
    original gilt and ornated frame by August Bergin & Co Stockholm (established 1864) 


    Miss J. Ullman, sister of the artist’s wife
    Private collection, Sweden


    Stockholm, Svensk-Franska Konstgalleriet, Oskar Bergman Retrospektiv utställning [Retrospective exhibition], cat. no. 162, November 1940, no. 14 ”Ungtallar och guldbjörkar [Young Pinetrees and golden Birches] (lent by Miss J. Ullman), No. 225


    The subject is probably taken from the island of Ljusterö in the Stockholm archipelago where Bergman at the time resided in Bolby, an ancient village situated on the island’s southern part. The birch trees in the background have been rendered with red spots. This suggests that it was drawn during early autumn when the leaves turn red. However, the leaves of Birch occasionally turn red also during the spring, in order to protect themselves from strong sunlight. There is also a specimen of Birch known as Betula pubescens 'Rubra’, which carries red leaves. Common to Finland, this is more rarely seen in Sweden.

    During the summer 1908, Bergman met his wife-to-be, Ellen Maria Ullman. He would present the present work to Ullman's sister.

    Pinetrees before Birches