DAY & FABER master drawings


DAY & FABER master drawings

    Giuseppe Maria Rolli (Bologna 1645 - 1727 Bologna)

    St Paul in the Areopagus of Athens


    numbered upper left: N 1979 (Lugt 2987)
    pen and brown ink and wash over black chalk squared
    411 x 268 mm
    bears attribution by a later hand lower right: A. Pozzo


    Johann Goll van Franckenstein, Amsterdam, 1722 – 1785, (Lugt 2987)
    Giovanni Piancastelli, Rome ?
    Edward and Mary Brandegee, Boston, c. 1904 (Lugt 1860c)
    with Seiferheld and Co., New York
    Janos Scholz, New York, 1963
    Private Collection, England


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    A recently rediscovered preparatory study for the nave ceiling fresco of San Paolo Maggiore (also known as San Paolo Decollato) in Bologna, executed around 1695.

    St Paul in the Areopagus of Athens