DAY & FABER master drawings


DAY & FABER master drawings

    Magnus von Wright (Haminanlax, Finland 1805 - Helsinki 1868)

    A Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos)


    oil and pencil on canvas, folded edges
    227 x 283 cm


    Fredrika Fabritius (1818-1902), the artists sister


    A. Leikola,  J. Lokki, T. Stjernberg & G. Brusewitz, Bröderna von Wrights fåglar, 1989, p. 139 illustrated in color, erroneously listed as by Ferdinand von Wright ( (Haminanlax, Finland 1822-1906 Haminanlax, Finland)
    B. Dal, Bröderna von Wrights fågelverk [The von Wright Brother’s bird books], 2014, pp. 124-25, discussing and illustrating the lithographs after the present work


    Painted c. 1828. The bird depicted is an adult, at least six years old.

    Preparatory for the handcoloured litograph in Magnus & Wilhelm von Wright, Svenska Foglar efter naturen [Swedish Birds after nature], Printed by C. Scheele, Stockholm 1828, which was commissioned by count Nils Bonde (1744-1838) at Hörningsholm Castle, the most ambitious work on Swedish birds ever produced. Magnus von Wright also made the preparatory works for Sven Nilsson’s lIuminerade figurer till Skandinaviens fauna [Illuminated figures for the fauna of Scandinavia], published in Lund between 1832-40. For this work he reused the litograph of the Golden Eagle that he made in 1828.

    A Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos)