DAY & FABER master drawings


DAY & FABER master drawings


In keeping with recent tradition, at TEFAF 2024 we will be exhibiting a group of drawings and oil sketches from Scandinavia 1760 - 1940. Landscapes by Thomas Fearnley and Per Daniel Holm will be joined by later works by Oskar Bergman, Carl Dörnberger and Olof Thunman.

Exhibited works

  • Design for an Artillery Carriage Ezechias Gustav von Mechlenburg
  • Mythical Sea Bull with Nereid, Carrying a Casket to Poseidon's Wedding Feast Jonas Åkerström
  • Wengeneralp Thomas Fearnley
  • A Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) Magnus von Wright
  • View over a mountain lake in Lapland, Sweden Per Daniel Holm
  • View from Kvickjokk Per Daniel Holm
  • Study for 'Launching the boat' Oscar Björck
  • Portrait of the ceramicist Henri Deheaulme de Vallombreuse Carl Dörnberger
  • Study of a model of a hand Harald Løngborg
  • Waterlilies Ivor Arosenius
  • Pinetrees before Birches Oskar Bergman
  • Pine trees before Birch trees Oskar Bergman
  • A Rocky shore, Full Moon Gustaf Fjæstad
  • Klockan (“The Clock”) Olof Thunman